Tease Your Partner

Send naughty texts
Starting from the basic, send her a naughty text that might have a sexy compliment or naughty joke. Texting has been a full-proof way of enhancing the opposite sex’s emotions and that’s exactly what you’ll start doing here. You can even send her your photo kissing her or doing something better than that (if you and your are comfortable with it). Text her a situation where you both are together and let her imagine the rest of herself.

This would give the ticklish feeling in your as well as your partner’s body which can actually do wonders when you’re together.

Speak naughty words in public
When you are on an outing with your common friends, you can talk like normal couples talk. However, look out for a moment when you can go close to her ear and say something that makes her giggle. For example, you can always come close to her and say that “all you want for the moment is to hold you so tight and kiss you so hard”. It is not important that you say this only, you can say anything depending on how comfortable you are with each other.

This kind of teasing is very effective in making her carve for your slight touch or even to take the action to the bedroom.

Let her know from your body language
When you are out on a date with her to either a regular coffee house or her favorite restaurant, make sure you give her signs that you’re falling for her. Use your eyes to roll on her entire body while you sip coffee from your cup. Make sure she understands your sign language because if she won’t, this will all be waste. Compliment her about her good looks and make your eyes do the talking.

This would either make her feel embarrassed (which has less chances) or she’ll love the way you look at her with all the want as well as need in your eyes.

Shower is the best time to start your day
You might find her way too busy with the morning things and be packing lunch boxes or getting ready for the shower. Slide in the bathroom wearing your favorite thongs that let her see you and you see here. You might just make an entry, cuddle with her and come back out, but she ain’t going to get done with you there. You might want to take the action to the bed to give a good start to your morning.