Tease Your Partner

Send naughty texts
Starting from the basic, send her a naughty text that might have a sexy compliment or naughty joke. Texting has been a full-proof way of enhancing the opposite sex’s emotions and that’s exactly what you’ll start doing here. You can even send her your photo kissing her or doing something better than that (if you and your are comfortable with it). Text her a situation where you both are together and let her imagine the rest of herself.

This would give the ticklish feeling in your as well as your partner’s body which can actually do wonders when you’re together.

Speak naughty words in public
When you are on an outing with your common friends, you can talk like normal couples talk. However, look out for a moment when you can go close to her ear and say something that makes her giggle. For example, you can always come close to her and say that “all you want for the moment is to hold you so tight and kiss you so hard”. It is not important that you say this only, you can say anything depending on how comfortable you are with each other.

This kind of teasing is very effective in making her carve for your slight touch or even to take the action to the bedroom.

Let her know from your body language
When you are out on a date with her to either a regular coffee house or her favorite restaurant, make sure you give her signs that you’re falling for her. Use your eyes to roll on her entire body while you sip coffee from your cup. Make sure she understands your sign language because if she won’t, this will all be waste. Compliment her about her good looks and make your eyes do the talking.

This would either make her feel embarrassed (which has less chances) or she’ll love the way you look at her with all the want as well as need in your eyes.

Shower is the best time to start your day
You might find her way too busy with the morning things and be packing lunch boxes or getting ready for the shower. Slide in the bathroom wearing your favorite thongs that let her see you and you see here. You might just make an entry, cuddle with her and come back out, but she ain’t going to get done with you there. You might want to take the action to the bed to give a good start to your morning.

Date Older Women

1. Improve your overall personality

Cougars love their male partners to be young and confident always. Irrespective of how young you are, make sure that you exude a positive energy around her when you both are together. When you go on a date, look into her eyes while holding a conversation. Talk about things that she loves and exhibits confidence while talking about your life and what you do for a living. Be chauvinistic; pull out the chair for her, ask her if she is comfortable with the food, walk her back gently while holding her hand. If you are an insecure individual who doesn’t know what to do in life, forget it! Cougars hate such personalities.

2. Never discuss her age

If you want to date a cougar and establish a good relationship with her, you should never discuss her age during any conversation. You can discuss how beautiful she looks, how clear her skin is, how bright her eyes are and how she makes you complete. These are the stuff that turns on a cougar and she would start looking forward to spending more and more time with you. If you bring the topic of her age (even unknowingly), a cougar will see it as a sign of your insecurity and will not think twice before ditching you.

3. Know to draw the line

While whispering sweet- nothings into each other’s ears are quite romantic to a certain extent, you should know when and where to draw the line while dating a cougar. Never make any sexual advances and never force her into any kind of physical intimacy, as these things reflect very badly on your character. Have long discussions with her, develop your sense of humour, make her laugh as much as you can and proceed towards the first step of intimacy only if she is keen on it.

Meeting Girls In The Summer

Go Where The Cold Is

When the temperature rises, you should look at going where the air is nice and crisp. If a location has air conditioning, chances are women are going to be there to cool down. That’s why you should be ready to venture out into these frigid areas. Whether it be a mall, ice rink, ice cream shop, or just about anywhere that has some cool air can be great. These are going to be places where a lot of people are trying to beat the heat, and you can join them with relative ease. Remember meeting girls in the summer means balancing hot and cold, so be ready for it.

Know Your Day Date Options

Another thing that you should focus on when meeting girls in the summer is where your date options are going to be. This includes ice cream shops, soda shops, and any place that is known for having cold options. You don’t want to take your date to a coffee shop if it’s 100 degrees outside. You’ll instead want to cool things down with some ice cream, and other elements that are going to help you with getting them cooled down, and chilled. Know where to go, and figure out how to get there before you ever bring a date there.

Dress Appropriately

If it’s hot outside and your goal is meeting girls in the summer, you should dress appropriately. If you don’t have any summer clothing, then it is time to visit your local mall or thrift shop. You need shorts, tank tops, and you need to dress like you’re out and about town. Whether you’re going to the local swimming hole, or you’re just cruising along, you should be dressed with the appropriate attire for summer. This is going to show women that you’re forward thinking in terms of fashion, not just a random idiot trying to pick them up.

The Meaning of Love

The famous anthropologist Helen Fisher explains this neurological condition in three steps.

Desire: This is the first step according to Helen when male and female tend to get more attracted and lustful towards each other due to the presence of sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen.

Attractions are the second step which is an amazing neurological condition. In this step, a person starts to feel more than lust and sexual desire. According to the scientists, three main neurotransmitters related to it are adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin.

On the journey of love, the stress level of a person can increase a lot due to which the amount of adrenaline and cortisol increases in the blood. In this condition a person experiences strange reasons for anxiety and his mind begins to develop unconditional love towards someone special. Often in these cases, the problems faced are an increase in heart beats and drying out of the mouth.

Helen tells about the dopamine, people who love someone have difficulties with sleeping at night, loss of appetite, lack of interest in doing any work and a feeling of happiness when repetitively thinking about small things connected to the person they love.

According to research conducted by Helen, where she studied the brains of a few couples. She found the amount of dopamine level in their blood to be substantial. This chemical aggravates for the fulfilment of desires and its effect on the brain is similar to the effect of cocaine.

Serotonin too is an important chemical for producing love, due to this chemical a loved one becomes an integral part of a person’s thought process. It also connects two people together by their likes and dislikes.

Affection is the third and the last step of love and provides the strength for a relationship to continue it for a long-term. A journey of life with every moment they would like to spend with each-each other and won’t give away their trust till the end of it. Scientists believe two hormones are responsible for this behaviour: oxytocin and vasopressin.

Oxytocin plays a vital role in the cases of Love and relationships and deepens the feels of love and care towards partners and by this hormone, two people start to feel the closest to each other. This hormone is also responsible for the development of the relation between a mother and a child.